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Infant Facial Paralysis Caused by Birth Trauma

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Infant facial paralysis occurs when the baby’s facial nerve is damaged, often during delivery, resulting in partial or total loss of function in the facial muscles. Facial paralysis may be mild, severe, temporary, or (rarely) permanent and, in some cases, it is the result of medical malpractice or negligence.

If your child exhibited symptoms of facial paralysis after a difficult delivery, particularly if forceps were used, contact The Donnelly Law Firm for a free consultation. Our New Jersey birth injury attorneys can work to determine if your child’s injuries were caused by medical negligence and, if so, can help you understand your legal rights and options.

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Causes of Facial Paralysis in Infants

In many cases, infant facial paralysis is caused by birth trauma. This is especially true when forceps are used to extract an infant for the birth canal. Typically, forceps are only required for difficult deliveries. The doctor may fail to use reasonable care when delivering a baby with forceps, leading to him/her accidentally damaging the child’s facial nerves in the process.

Infant facial paralysis can also occur as a result of any type of pressure on the infant’s face. This may occur when:

  • The infant’s head presents at an unusual/difficult angle
  • The infant is large in size
  • The mother’s pelvis is relatively small

If your child suffered Bell’s palsy, congenital facial palsy, Moebius Syndrome, or similar facial paralysis as a result of birth trauma, our New Jersey birth injury attorneys can help you fight for justice and fair recovery for your child.

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Facial Paralysis
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